The History of Imams from 5th to 10th Centuries
Martyrdom of Muslim Ibn Aqil in Kufah
Muslims and the Jews during the Period of the Three Caliphs
Who was Ibn Saba?
The Shia Idrisid State in Maghrib
The Sahabah in Islam (The Shia: The Real Followers of the Sunnah)
Self-Censorship in Islamic History A Case Study of Da'wat dhu 'l-'Ashira
Irresponsible Attitudes of the Companions
History of Technology in Islam
A Restatement of History of Islam
Christian Zionist Messianism: How It Views Islam and Muslims
Some Important Events during the Holy Prophet's Mission in Madinah
Islam is an Institution of Social Justice
Man's Role in the March of History
Norms of history mentioned in the Qur'an
Laws of History in the Qur'an
Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East
Islam and Iran
Restatement of History of Islam
The Birth of Islam and the Proclamation by Muhammad of his Mission
Laws of History in the Qur'an