The Philosophy of the Religion of Islam: A Preliminary Introduction
Divine Justice or the Problem of Evil
Is Eternity of Man Possible?
Religion and Modernity
Adl, Justice of God
The Goal of Creation
The Philosophical Issue Regarding Knowledge
Allahs' Purpose of Creation
Allah Almighty is Absolute Reality
Belief in Allah
Benefits of Remembering Ones Origin
Islam and Modern Life
The Study of Islamic Philosophy
The meaning and concept of philosophy in Islam
The Relationship between philosophy and Theology in the Postmodern Age
Truth and Aberration: The Available Differences
The Twenty-First Century Theory
The Islamic Philosophy: The Issue of Contradiction
Is the Eternity of Man Necessary?
Allah as the One Allah to be Worshipped
How to Prove God
Islamic Philosophy: Its Principles and Bases
Freedom as Viewed in the Religion of Islam
Atheism: Its Fall as a Turning Point
The Purpose of Creation
A Turning Point in History: The Fall of Atheism
The Philosophical Issue Regarding Knowledge
Method in Mufid's Kalam and in Christian Theology
An Improper Interpretation of Fate and Destiny
An Introduction to 'Ilm al-Kalam
Critique of Marxist Philosophy
Non-Formal Logic of Systems Thinking