In The Name of Allah The compassionate The Merciful


Quran is a treasure of secrects and knowledge.It is remedy
prescriptionwhich must be recited,to be thought in and its
instruction should befollowed.
The scholars,the interpreters and the specialists of Quranic
science havedone thier best to make this book knowen but
unfortunatly still this lifeguaidance for humanbeing is in a state of
forlorn,and even
the theological personalities have been very far from getting the
benifitsof its knowledge.They were busy only in a way which could
At the start of fifteenth century(Islamic calender)and as the results
ofgreat Islamic revolution,a some kind of changes took place in
theadministration,education and in the research sector of Qum
seminary.Andonce again attentions were drawen towards
Quran.And in this way thefaculity of speciality in interpretation was

1-History And Goals

The center for interpretation and Quranic science speciality was
foundedin 1370(Higry solar calender-1991)and started its work by
giving admissionto sixty students.The goal of this center is to
educate and promote the levelof knowledge of talented
students,who are interested in interpretation andQuranic sciences.
So they can publicise this sector of Islamic knowledge
andeducations.And also they can be a response to the rising need
of society tothe knowledge of Quran.
We hope that the graguates of this center along with other
servants ofQuran by getting benifits from the devine knowledge
will teach in theuniversities,the ceminaries and the other cultural
They will also write and make reseaches to familiarize the
educated classof society with Quran and the Quranic sciences.

2-System Of A dministration

This center is a part of Qum Seminary
Administration center.And it is under the patronage of
GreatAyat-ul-Allah Haj Shaikh Nasir Makarim Shirazee(may he long
And it is administrated by Hujat-ul-Islam Mohammad Fakir
Maibodee .

3-Departments Of The Center

The center of interpretation and Quranic science speciality has
thefollowing departments:
1-Education Department
This department has duty to select instructors,to admit student,to
managethe classes and to take the exams.
2-Research Department
This department is responsible of research in the every level of
educationand to find the subjects which are needed by
society.This department asloresponds to the questions about
3-Finance And Administration Department
This department has charge of employment, finance,service
giving, publicrelations,supplying,facilitation and The Kousar
Monetary fund.
4-Department For Answering The Questions About Quran
This department was organised in 1376,(1995) and hitherto it
hasrecieved and given answer to more than a thousand questions
orspeculations about Quran.
This department at first takes the questions witten,expressed
orally or bytelephone,which are put forwards by students from the
seminary,theuniversty or other classes of society, then delivers
them to the relevantresearch group and after getting the answer
from them first it is verified bythe board of scholars,then it is
edited,typed and sent to the questioner.
5-Computer Department
This department has duty to type letters,text booklets and
It also gives service to Quranic students.
Someother activities of this department is to arrange for and
producedifferent kinds of software like answer to questions about
Quran and otherQuranic subjects.
Being situated in the Imam Hussain School, this center has a
commenliberary with this school.There are tow liberaries in the
Imam HussainSchool.One of them is the centeral liberary which is
rather well facilitatedand can be used by commen students of
Quran of this center.The secondone is special liberary for the
department for answering the question aboutQuran which can be
used only by the relevant researchers.
7-The News Room
For the information of Quranic students about the update news
andknowledge of Iran and the world, a department is organised as
newsroom.Whatever of newspapers,magazines and other prints is
afforded bythe center can be in the reach of Quranic students.
8-Publications Department
This department is due to work on the follow three essential
A: special magazine.
B: publication of answers to the questions about Quran in
C:to print and publicate some of the textbooks, researched
material andthesis of Quranic students.

4-The Education System And The Schedual Of Classes

Education programs of this center at timebeing are as a course of
fouryears with semester system. And the Quranic students are
tought thefollowing subjects in this course:
A: History OF Quran indcluding:
-reveleation and descending process of Quran.
-gathering and manuscripting of Quran.
-reciting and reciters.
-eternity and un eternity or Quran.
B: Quranic Sciences including:
-asbab-un-nuzool(the reasons of Quran descending).
-Hujiat -e- zawahir(verbal proofness of Quran).
-undistortability of Quran.
-miricle of Quran.
-ehkam wa tashaboh(comprehensibility and uncomprehensibility
-taaveel(inner meaning,the sencond hermenotical meaning).
-naskh and takhsees(abolition and exception).
C: Orderly Interpretation
-A major part of textbooks is tought by the teachers in the classes
andthe rest of texts,specially in the last semesters is given to
students to studyand then takepart in the exams.
D: Subjectwise Interpretation
-unity of God in Quran.
-prophethood and prophecy of Mohammad in Quran.
-leadership and guardianship in Quran.
-doomsday in Quran.
-economics in Quran.
-ethics in Quran.
E: A Selection of iterpretations including:
-interpretation of Quran with respect to the beliefs.
-interpretation of Quran with respect to the litrature.
-interpretation of Quran with respect to the mysticism.
-interprtation of Quran with respect to the jurisprodence.
-interpretation of Quran wiht respect to the sociality.
F: History of interpretation including:
-examining the methods of interpretation and interpretorology.
-examining the method of Ahl_ul-bait (family of
G: Rest Of The Textx:
-Quranic words
-comparison between Quran and the New and the Old testament.
-translation of Quran.


Upto now this center has admitted students for nine courses. Five
ofthese courses are completed.The participant were as noted
below innumber:
1st course 52 students
2nd course 55 students
3rd course 52 students
4th course 51 students
5th course 34 students
It is notable that the admission for the tenth course will be along
withbasic changes in the programs. And in the new program there
would be towstudying levels(3,4).The details of which are at the
eve of approval.
6-How To Contact To This Center
If someone wants to have contact with this center or wants to
make aquestion about Quran or wants to get information about its
researches andeducation programs he/she can write to us on the
undernoted address or faxthe letters on this number:740802
It is possible to have contact on this Phone number in the


Shohada Road-Amaar street(22)
center of interpretation and Quranic sciences speciality Qum
post code No:37156