Human Behavior and Its Organization

Published by: Al-Balagh Foundation


Praise be to Allah. Who created man and inspired him with knowledge and high ideals, and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his infallible Household and the righteous among his companions.

Islam has taken great care to provide the human race with ideological and ethical values in order to preserve and pronounce self-dignity and at the same time to act as a safeguard against immoral inclinations.

In light of the fact that human behavior has its negative and positive points, it is imperative to promote healthy conscience, so as to guide people towards decency and creativity. Hence, Islam has laid stress that an individual's behavior can have its impact in the wider sphere of social activity owing to the laws and logic of human interactions.

Having realized the ideological and practical influence of Islamic education and learning, the enemies of mankind have left no stone unturned to prevent the implementation of divine laws in reconstructing Human Society, which as a result is sadly suffering today from chaos and disintegration. Despite the blessed emergence of Islamic rule in Iran which contributed much to the advantage of humanity, ardent and concerted efforts are required to counter the anti-Islamic campaign of promoting sin and immorality.

Accordingly, Al-Balagh Foundation in its endeavors to hold aloft the torch of spiritual guidance presents this small effort Human Behavior and its Organization', to its dear readers whose enthusiasm has been a constant source of inspiration

Al-Balagh Foundation

What Is Behavior

Behavior means the manner of conducting oneself and can be defined as anything said, done, decided or holding belief in. It includes the activities or responses of an individual or a group to the environment around.

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