Civilization gradually developed with time, and many types of social and cultural factors, were responsible for its progress. As already noted education plays a fundamental role in building human conduct and personality. Many parties share responsibility besides parents and family members. Educational process is taken up by other institutions gradually but steadily, covering increased duties, as technological and organizational advancement take new leads. Schools, Society, State and Mass Media are beginning to assume ever increasing roles in this fields. The following parties actively participate in educational matters:

1. Family

2. School

3. Society

4. State

5. The Individual

1. Family:

Family is the cradle where children see the first light of life. It is acknowledged that the family leaves the deepest and most profound marks on children's personalities, thoughts, behaviour and conduct. Childhood is a crucial period in forming people's personalities because family role is all- embracing during this time. Parents are charged with the proper bringing up of children and Islam has assigned fathers to play a leading role in this process. Allah, the Highest, addresses fathers in the following verse:

“0' you who believe guard yourselves and your families against a fire whose fuel is men and stones...” Holy Qur’an (66:6)

Therefore, fathers have to play an essential role in their children's upbringing, safety and proper supervision. Islamic education is an insurance against deviation and degradation, hence, fathers' negligence for their children's Islamic education is considered a crime in Islam. When children cannot discriminate good from evil, and are not armed to defend themselves against a corrupt environment it surely reflects fathers' faults in spoiling the youth. Therefore, Islamic penal code holds fathers responsible for their underaged1 children's mischief, and they have to the bear the cost of material damage inflicted by children in their custody. On the Day of Resurrection, fathers would be again questioned for such abuse.

2. School:

The second educational establishment in the life of a Muslim is school. The school has a great responsibility and plays a vital role in the growing teenage personalities. Schools are like factories, producing human generations, training the whole nation and drawing a complete picture of life for them.

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