This pamphlet is designed by the Youth Forum in order to accompany youths in the most important part of their lives, so as to help them understand the reality of this stage and the expectations which surround them.

Adolescence or puberty means reaching the age of maturity, which is a stage needed by everybody for the growth of his personality and achieving the sole aims and great expectations of his life.

The Youth Forum regards the adolescent stage as a great responsibility and consignment and believes that whatever an adolescent possesses of feelings,  imagination, enjoyment for beauty, determination and other talents,  is a treasury bestowed on his choice by the Almighty Allah  so as to use it in the  way of good and happiness  not in the wrong way, which may lead him towards misery and wretchedness.

Towards the Youth is another gift from the Youth Forum which deals with topics of  youths and their concern. Hoping that it will be of benefit to the youth and adolescent, who are members of the forum wherever they are.



New Changes


All of us are witnesses to the beautiful atmosphere of spring, which delight the spirit and gives pleasure to the mind. Everything in spring grows up from the beginning. Flowers grow up on the trees and occupy their compound with their good scent. Farms and gardens become green from the leaves of crops cultivated there. Birds become delighted from the good nature. Butterflies dance between the edges of flowers because of the good weather of spring, and likewise, the atmosphere is playing on the pure sky the way crow and other birds play.

This is spring, movement, revolution and birth.

Indeed, Almighty Allah wishes that the life of man be like the season of the year; starting from spring and shining on autumn. Man moves through the spring of his life, from birth to the stage of youth, and his autumn season is the stage of adolescence.

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