The sacred "al-hadith al-Qudsi"

 some notes by the translator maulana s. m. baqri

in the name of allah, the beneficent, the merciful

(i humbly dedicate this effort to our beloved imam hadhrat mahdi (a.t.f). may allah (s.w.t.) hasten his reappearance! ilahi amin )

"a fact of this world life" is an expression, which is unknown to the majority of us. one who has knowledge of this life is in fact the smartest and the most successful of all people. on the one hand, worldly life is a fact that nobody can deny. on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of it.

almighty allah(s.w.t.) poses us a basic question:

"what! did you then think that had created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to us?" (al-qur'an 23:115)

in this divine question two points are clear: one is that "life is a fact" and the other is that "it has a purpose". in many places the holy qur'an has made this point clear by giving us examples of past historic events. the wealth of shaddad and fir`aun (pharaoh), and persons of such categories, perished. they left this world ;with nothing but their own deeds and they are tasting the punishment for the evils they committed.

some of the verses of the holy qur'an have make it clear that this worhtless world is nothing but play. for example:

"and this life of the world is nothing but a sport and play: and as for the next abode, that most surely is the life - did they but know! "(al-qur'an 29:64) i think we should strive hard, by using whatever means and sources we have, to understand this worldly life.

hadith al-qudsi (sacred hadith) is one of; the sources which opens up our eyes, shakes us up, and awakens us so that we may think. for example:

"o son of adam! obey me to the extent of your deeds towards me. disobey me to the extent of your ability to tolerate the fire of hell. collect wealth in this world according to the length of your stay here. collect for the hereafter (aakhirah) according to the length of your stay here. do not think that your death is far and that the bounties (you receive from allah) will always be available, or that your sins are hidden." (al-hadith al-qudsi, hadith no.13)

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