The Story of the Prophets



Prophet Adam(A.S.)

Allah made the mountains and the seas.He made all the animals.He made the heavens and the stars.He made the sun and the moon and he made the angels.The angels were like Allah's servants and did everything He ordered.Then Allah decided to make a man.
He called this first man Adam.He taught him many things so that Adam had more knowledge than the angels. There was one Jinn, called Iblis and he thoughthe was better than Adam so Allah would not let him stay with the other angels. He was tobe called 'Shaytan', the Devil.
Shaytan blamed Adam for what had happened to him and was very angry. Allah let Adam live in a beautiful place because he was good. The place was called Paradise.
It was a very nice place but Adam was a little lonely, on his own all of the time.Allah decided to help Adam.He made Hawa to be Adam's wife.They were happy and liked living in Paradise. There was, however, one thing they were not allowed to do.There was a special tree and Allah had told them they must noteat any fruit from that tree.At first Adam and Hawa were very good and kept awayfrom the tree.
Shaytan decided to do something very naughty.He told them they were silly to keep away from the tree. He said nothing would happen if they ate its fruit.He said the fruit was delicious and they should try it.After a while they began to listen to Shaytan and thought they would have just a little taste of the fruit, just to see what it was like. Shaytan was very happy because he had made them disobey Allah.
As soon as they had eaten the fruit, Adam and Hawa realised that they had been very naughty and they felt guilty for what they had done. Allah forgave themBut He wouldn't let them stay in Paradise any more So He sent them to live on earth.

Habil and Qabil
Adam had two sons called Habil and Qabil. Adam thought that Habil, the younger son, should take over after him. But Qabil didn't like this idea and was very jealous. To settle the argument Adam thought of an idea. He told his sons to think of a present to give to Allah and to leave it on top of a certain hill.
The one whose present Allah accepted, would win the argument. Allah chose Habil's present because Habil had taken a lot of time and trouble to choose his present. Qabil was very upset and angry.
He was so angry that he killed his own brother. Afterwards, when he realised what he had done, he cried and cried but it was too late to be sorry.

Prophet Nuh (A.S.)
After many years Adam had grandchildren and even great grandchildren. There were now lots of people on earth. Many of them obeyed Allah but some were not so good and did just what they wanted to do all the time. This made Allah very unhappy. Allah chose Nuh, a good man, to tell the people that what they were doing was wrong.But they wouldn't listen to him and carried on doing bad things. Allah decided that all the naughty people should be punished. He told Nuh to build a big ark near his house. Nuh quickly got busy choosing good wood and building it up into a fine ark.
A lot of people laughed at him but he did not take any notice of them, because Allah had told him what to do. When he had finished, he put lots of food into the ark and collected the good people together. They also took lots of animals with them into the ark, two of every kind. One day, all of a sudden, the sky went very dark and it started to rain.
Lightly at first, then more and more heavily. Soon there was water everywhere. The bad people were not laughing any more. They were frightened because they had no shelter from the water. Only the good people in the ark were safe and dry.

Prophet Hud (A.S.)
A long time ago,a great tribe lived in the South of Arabia. They were called Ad. They were very clever and could do many things. They used the mountains for their homes. They carved out great mansions with wonderful pillars. They called their city Iram. It was very famous. As time went on, the people of Ad thought more about themselves and less about Allah. They thought they didn't need Allah, because they had lots of money and power. They thought they were being clever but really they were foolish. Before long they turned to bad ways. Gangs of them used to rob and kill people travelling by.
There was still one good man among them. His name was Hud. He did not belong to any of the gangs. He did not agree with the things they did. He tried to tell them to stop their bad ways and told them to follow Allah's ways. Hud said Allah would punish the bad ones but most of the people still would not listen. They thought they were more clever than the messenger of Allah.
Allah told Hud to take all the good people into a big cave near the city. The very next day a terrible tornado came and only the good ones, the ones who had listened, were saved.

Prophet Salih (A.S.)
The people of Thamud lived in a valley called al-Hajr in the north of Arabia. It was a good land so everything grew very easily. Cattle and sheep grazed on the land. Everyone had plenty of everything. When people have a lot they sometimes forget who provides everything, they sometimes forget Allah. When this happens Allah sends a messenger or a prophet to try to help the people. To the people of Thamud, Allah sent Salih.
Salih told the people to remember Allah but a lot of people just laughed at him and would not listen. He did not give up. He still tried to persuade them to worship Allah and soon people began to listen. They realised Salih was right. The leaders of Thamud were upset by this. They did not want people to listen to Salih. They did not believe Salih was sent by Allah. They wanted him to prove it, they wanted a sign.
They told Salih to bring them a camel but it had to be a special camel. Salih prayed to Allah and Allah sent the special camel. The camel gave lots and lots of milk so all the poor people had enough to drink, and they were very happy. The leaders of Thamud became angry again to see Salih and his followers so happy. They decided to kill the camel. Salih told them that Allah would punish them. Salih took all the good people away from the valley. A terrible earthquake came and destroyed the valley and all the bad people. If they had listened to Salih they would have been saved.

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)
Many years ago a boy called Ibrahim lived in Canaan. he was very clever and was always asking questions. Most of the people he knew worshipped idols but Ibrahim did not. The people had forgotten the messages that Adam, Hud, Nuh and Salih had brought them. Instead of praising Allah they worshipped statues. Ibrahim told his father he didn't think people should worship objects they had made themselves. His father was angry and told him not to say anything about the gods again.
Ibrahim decided he must show the people they were wrong so he thought of a plan. One night he sneaked into the place where all the statues were kept. With an axe he chopped off the heads from all but one of the statues. The biggest onehe left.
The next morning the people were very angry and upset at what had happened. They were sure Ibrahim had done it. They gathered in the public square and asked him if he had done it. Ibrahim told them to ask their big idol if he knew who was responsible. But, of course, the statue could not speak and the people knew it was only stone. Ibrahim shouted at them and asked how they could worship lumps of stone. The bad people were even more angry. They started to collect wood for a fire. They were going to burn Ibrahim to death.
They made a big bonfire and put Ibrahim on the top. Everyone came to watch. They lit the wood. The fire burned, the flames grew higher and higher. The people had to back away from the heat of the flames. Ibrahim was a good person. He believed in Allah. Allah would protect him. Allah would not let the fire harm him. When the flames dies down the people could not believe their eyes. They saw that Ibrahim was alive and the flames had not harmed him at all.
How had this happened?They all knew this was a great miracle and they fell to their knees. This wonderful thing hadmade them believe in Allah. Some people would still not listen. They thoughtIbrahim was just a magician Nimrod, the king of Canaan, heard all about Ibrahim.He wanted to talk to him.He asked Ibrahim about Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah could do all things. He could give life and death. Nimrod said that he too could do that.
His soldiers brought two men in. Nimrod ordered one to be killed and theother to be saved. Nimrod thought that this made him like Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah brings the sun every morning from the East.He asked Nimrod if he could bring the sun from the west next day, of course, Nimrod as unable to do that. Ibrahim married a girl called Sarah. They lived very happily in Palestine. hey worked and had plenty of everything. Ibrahim became very wealthy, but he was agood man. He always helped other people too.After many years Ibrahim and Sarah still had no children.
his madethem very sad. They both wanted a child to share their life with. Sarah told Ibrahim that he should marry her servant Hajar too, so that Ibrahim and Hajar could make a child together.

Prophet Ismail (A.S.)
After a while Ibrahim did marry Hajar and she had a son. They called him Ismail.They were all very happy. Ibrahim, Hajar and Ismail moved to a valley in Arabia. They settled in a good place with hills and mountains on allsides to protect them. After a while Ibrahim said that he should go back to see Sarah and to get more food and water. Before he left he prayed to Allah to look after hiswife and son because they did not have much food and water left. The food and water soon began to run low. Hajar was very worried. What could they live on? They prayed to Allah.
Hajar went to the top of the mountain, Mount Safa, to look for Ibrahim. Now their water was all gone and they were desperate. She went to the other side of the valley and climbed to the top of Mount Marwa. She looked towards the North, East, West and South for help but found none. Hajar kept running backwards and forwards between Mount Safa and Mount Marwa. She did this seven times. Suddenly she saw Ismail kick the ground with his heel. A spring of water gushed out - beautiful, pure water, they were saved.Even today this water, called Zamzam, still flows in the alley of Hijaz and when people go to Makkah on Hajj they go seven times between the two mounts in memory of this miracle that saved the lives of Hajar and Ismail. When Ibrahim returned he was amazed to see the valley.
The water had made the place very fertile. All the animalsand caravans visited and made it a prosperous place.
The Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)
One night Ibrahim had a bad dream. He dreamt Allah told him to sacrifice Ismail.Ibrahim thought it was Shaytan playing nasty tricks on him. The next night Ibrahim had the same horrid dream. Ibrahim knew that Allah would only ask him to do such a thing if he had good reason.Even though he loved his son dearly, he was prepared to do this difficult thing for Allah. Ibraim told Ismail they had to go to Mount Arafat.
He took a knife and a rope with him. On the way they passed place called Mina. The devil, Shaytan, came to Ibrahim and tried to talk him out of sacrificing his son. Ibrahim turned his back on him and would not listen. When they reached Mount Arafat, Ibrahim told Ismail what Allah wanted him to do. Ismail listened and accepted what was to happen. He was an exceptional child. He too was a great prophet. Ismail told his father to tie his hands and legs and blindfold himself so he would not struggle and make his father even more upset than he was going to be and Ibrahim was blindfolded so he would not see his son suffer.
Ibrahim did as Ismail had said. He then took the knife and did what Allah had told him to do. When he took the blindfold from his eyes he looked down, not at his son but at a dead ram. Ismail was at his side. Ibrahim was afraid. He thought he had disobeyed but then he heard a voice telling him not to worry. Allah looks after his followers. Ibrahim and Ismail had passed a difficult test.
Each year, during the month of Dhul Hijjah, many Muslims, from all over the world, travel to Makkah. They want to remember what Ibrahim and Ismail did. In the month of Dhul Hijjah these pilgrims go to Makkah,Mina and Arafat. Theyvisit places where Ibrahim and Ismail lived and preached. They give a sacrifice just as Allah commanded Ibrahim to do. The pilgrims sacrifice animals in memory of the deed. We must obey Allah's commands as Ibrahim and Ismail did. We obey by doing the things we know are right, praying, obeying our parents and always telling the truth.

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