Words of Admonition

One day, Imam Al-Baqir (A.S.) was instructing and warning a group of his adherents, who were encompassing him, while they were absent-minded. The Imam(A.S.) felt angry; therefore, he nodded the head down, then raised it and said:
Had a small part of my wording fallen in the heart of one of you, he would have been surely dead. You are only soulless ghosts and lightless wicks. You are like propped up hollow trunks of wood and manufactured statues.
Why do you not extract gold from stones?
Why do you not take light from the brightest illumination?
Why do you not take the gem from the sea?
Take the good wording from him who said it even if he does not apply it to himself. Allah says: Those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it; those are they whom Allah has guided. (Holy Qur'an 39:18)
Woe to you, deceitful persons, why do you not thank him Who gives you the everlasting while you give Him the passing? One dirham will pass away, while it will be compensated with ten dirhams up to seven hundred folds that are doubled by the All-generous the All-openhanded.
Allah gave you in remuneration while it is He Who feeds you, waters you, dresses you, heals you, protects you, and guards you against him who chases you. Moreover, He shields you in day and night, answers you in misfortunes, and intends to guide you through tests. It seems you have forgotten the nights of your pains and fears. You supplicated to Him and He responded. This obliges you to show Him gratitude for His good deeds. Algthough, you forgot Him while He is the only worthy of mentioning, and violated His orders.
Woe to you, you are only a thief among the thieves of sins. You hurry for committing any passionate act or sin that is shown before you. Due to your ignorance, you commit the sins as if you are not in Allah's sight or as if Allah is not watching you.
O seeker of Paradise, your sleep is too extended, your riding animal is too tardy, and your determination is too feeble. What sort of seeker and sought you are!
O avoider of Hell, your riding animal is taking you hastily to Hell and you are acquiring that which drives you into it rapidly. Look at the graves. Their structures are near to each other while their inhabitants are very far from each other. They constucted then destructed, achieved tranquil then felt lonely, lodged then were troubled, and lived then left. Have you ever heard of remote neighbors, near isolated, destructed formers troubled residents, and leaving inhabitants like the people of the graves?
You are the son of three days; your birthday, the day on which you will be taken to your grave, and the day on which you will be resurrected to meet your Lord. That will be surely a horrible day.
O you owners of admirable masses and camels kneeling near the springs! Why do I notice that your bodies are constructive while your hearts are destroyed? By Allah I swear, if your sights fall on what will you unquestionably meet, you will say: "Would that we could return to the worldly life. We would never reject any of our Lord's revelations and we would be true believers." (Holy Qur'an 6:27)
Allah the Majestic says: Whatever they had concealed will be revealed to them. If they were to return to (the worldly life), they would again worship idols, for they are liars. (Holy Qur'an 6:28)


Maxims of Imam Baqir(A.S.)

1. Use kind words with the hypocrite, love the faithful believer sincerely, and regard your association with (even) the Jew who sits with you.
2. No mixture is better than the mixture of clemency and knowledge.
3. The whole perfection is the knowledgeability of the religious affairs, steadfastness against misfortunes, and moderation in living.
4. By Allah (I swear), the arrogant in trying to dishonour Allah.
5. Imam al-Baqir(A.S.), one day, asked the attendants, "What is personality?" Each of them provided his own opinion. Afterwards, the Holy Imam (A.S.) said: Personality is to avoid greed so as not to be humble, avoid begging so as not to be disgraced, avoid niggardliness so as not to be insulted, and avoid ignorance so as not to be opposed. "Who can do all these?" wondered they.
He(A.S.) answered:
He who wants to be like him who looks into the pupil of the eye, the musk in an odor, and enjoys the same standing of a present caliph -king- will be able to do so.
6. Before Imam al-Baqir(A.S.), a man said: O Allah, make us do without people." The Imam instructed: Do not say such a statement; you should say: O Allah, make us do without the evil ones. A faithful believer cannot do without his brother.
7. Do the right and seclude from whatever does not concern you. Avoid your enemy. Beware of your friend except the honest ones who fear Allah. Never accompany the sinful and never show him your secrets. Seek the consult of those who fear Allah.
8. A twenty-year friendship is kinship.
9. You would better deal with no one except him whom you did a favor.
10. Three manners are the charities of this world and the world to come: They are to pardon him who oppressed you, regard him who ruptured his relations with you, and possess yourself when one's ignorance inflicts you.
11. Oppression is of three sorts: a sort Allah will not forgive, another Allah will forgive, and a third Allah will not overlook it. Regarding the first one, it is polytheism. The second is the secret oppression of oneself. The third is the servants' oppressing each other.
12. The servant (of Allah) who abstains from supporting his brother and exerting efforts for settling his need will suffer from exerting efforts for settling a need that causes him to commit a sin and deprives him of the reward. The servant who abstains from spending alms in a field that pleases the Lord will spend many folds of those alms in a field that displeases Allah.
13. All of Allah's acts are good for the faithful believer.
14. Allah dislikes people who beg each other importunately, but he loves it for Himself. Hence, Allah the Glorified likes people to beg Him and ask for what He has in possession.
15. People's admonitions will not benefit him whom Allah does not make him learn lessons of admonition from his own self.
16. The scale of him whose outer appearance is more preferable than his conscience is weightless.
17. It happens that you address to a man, 'May Allah fling your enemy,' while that man's only enemy is Allah.
18. Three categories of people should not say Salaam: They are those who are in their ways for offering the (congregational) Friday Prayer, those who walk in a funeral, and those who sit in a public bathroom.
19. A scholar whose knowledge is advantageous (for people) is better than seventy thousand worshippers.
20. A servant will not be scholar before he gets rid of envying those who precede him and belittling those who are less than him in (grade) of knowledge.
21. He who disobeys Allah does not know Him. He(A.S.) then recited these two poetic lines:
You disobey the Lord and show his love.
This is surely strange deed.
If your love is sincere, you will obey Him.
Certainly, the lover obeys the Beloved.
22. The need for him who has newly been wealthy is like a dirham in a snake's mouth; you need it but you fear the snake.
23. The bearers of three ill characters will not die before they suffer the consequence of such characters: they are oppression, disregard of the relatives, and perjury against Allah. The reward of the regard of the relatives is the most hastened. Even the sinful people will be enriched and wealthy when they regard each other (by means of good mutual relations). Perjury and disregard of the relatives change countries into deserted wastelands.
24. Deeds without knowledge are not accepted. Knowledge is valueless unless it is matched to deeds. Knowledge guides its bearers to act (good deeds). The deeds of the unknowing persons are worhless.
25. Allah has appointed a group of His creatures for doing favors. He made them love favors and love practicing them. He also guided the seekers of favor to seek it from them, and facilitated doing favors for them in the same way as He made the rainfall drop on the barren lands to enliven its people as well as them. He also has appointed a gourp of His creatures for opposing the favors. He made them hate favors and hate practice them. He banned the seekers of favor from reaching them and banned them from doing favors in the same way as He bans rainfall from reaching the barren lands in order to kill its people and them. However, Allah overlooks very much.
26.You can realize the love that your brother bears for you through the love that you bear for him.
27. Faith is love and hatred.
28.Our adherents -Shia- are only those who fear and obey Allah. Their signs are modesty, piety, fulfillment of the trusts, very much reference to Allah, fasting, offering prayers, piety to (their) parents, aiding the neighbors especially the poor, the destitute, the indebted, and the orphans, truth, reciting the Qur'an, and avoiding mentioning people except for praising. In addition, they are the most trustful of the people of their tribes.
29. Four characters are within the treasures of charity: They are the concealment of neediness, secret Alms-giving, suppression of pains, and containment of misfortunes.
30. The deeds of the truthful are chaste. The provisions of the well-intended ones are increasable. The ages of those who are benevolent to their wives are addable.
31. Beware of laziness. and tedium. They are the keys to every evil. The lazy will not fulfill the rights (that are incumbent upon them) and the tedious will not submit to the right.
32. For those who establish good relations with somebody for the sake of Allah and their freindship is depended upon believing in Allah and being loyal to their friends -all in the cause of seeking Allah's satisfaction, they will obtain a glimmer of the illumination of Allah, security from His punishment, an argument that maked them happy on the Day of Resurrection, an enduring honor, and a growing praise. The faitful believer is neither connected nor detached to Allah the Exalted." As he was asked about an explanations,Imam al-Baqir(A.S.) said: 'Connected' means that the faithful believer is not a part of (the essence of) Allah, and "detached" means that he is not a part of another thing."
33. It is quite sufficient self-cheating for a man to notice people's flaws that he himself enjoys, vilify someone for a defect that he himself cannot abandon, or hurt his associates by intruding in matters that do not concern him.
34. Modesty is to accept to sit in a place other than the first row of a session, to greet whomever you meet, and to avoid disputation even if you are right.
35. The (faithful) believers are brothers of each other. They should not insult, deprive, or mistrust each other.
36. Imam Al-Baqir(A.S.) said to his son: Submit the right, for he whoever refrains from giving something in its right way will give its two-folds in a wrong way.
37. Faith will be screened from him who is given idiocy.
38. Certainly, Allah bates the speaker of obscene language.
39. Allah punishes physically and mentally, such as harsh livelihood and incapability of worshipping. However, no punishment is harsher than hard-heartedness.
40. On the Day of Resurrection, an angel will shout, 'Where are the tolerant ones?' Few people will stand up. Then, he will shout, 'Where are the withholders?' Few people will stand up (The reporter of this narration:) "What are the tolerant and what are the withholders?' I asked. The Imam(A.S.) answered: the tolerant ones are those who put up with performing the obligatory rituals. The withholders are those who withhold themselves from committing the prohibited matters.
41. Allah says: O son of Adam, if you avoid what I have made unlawful, you will be the most pious of people.
42. The best adoration is the chastity of the belly and the genitals.
43. Good-humouredness and bright-facedness achieve the others' affection and approach to Allah. Bad-humouredness and gloomy-facedness achieve the others' hatred and take away from Allah.
44. I will surely attach my facor with another so that the latter will keep the previous. To prevent from doing new favors is to cut off the thanks for the previous ones. My prestige has never allowed me to ignore settling the fresh needs.
45. Pudency and faith are knotted in one bind; whenever one (of them) goes, the other will follow.
46. This world is given for the good and the evil, while Allah dedicates this religion to certain people.
47. Faith is declaration and act. Islam is declaration without act. Faith is the concern of the heart. Islam is the laws of marriage, legacy, and stopping bloodshed. Faith is a part of Islam while Islam is not necessarily a part of faith.
48. Those who teach a field of knowledge will be rewarded with the same gifts of those who act upon it without any shortage in their rewards. In the same way, those who lead to a theme of deviation will undergo the same penalties that the followers of such a theme will undergo withtout any lack of their penalties.
49. Flattering and envy are not within the faithful believers' traits unless they are used for the sake of seeking studies.
50. Only the scholars are permitted to say, 'Allah is the most knowledgeable,' when they cannot answer a question. According to another narrative: Only the scholars are permitted to say, "I do not know,' when they cannot answer a question so that the asker will not doubt.
51. The first man whose tongue spoke the Arabic was Ishmael(A.S.) -the prophet- son of Abraham(A.S.) - the prophet. He was thirteen year old. Before so, he had spoken the language of his father and brother.
52. May I tell you of the thing that will take the unjust rulers and the Shaitan away from you if you do it? Abu-Hamza said: Yes, you may, so that we will apply it (to out conducts)." The Imam(a) said: It is the alms-giving. Give alms as early as possible. Alms-giving blacken the Shaitan's face and stops the unjust ruler's resentment against you on that day. Cling to cherishing each other for the sake of Allah and helping each other in fields of charity. This will cut off the unjust ruler and the Shaitan. Persist on seeking Allah's forgiveness because it erases the sins.
53. The tongue is surely the key to every good and evil. You should seal your tongues as you seal your money. The Prophet(S.A.W.) said: May Allah's mercy be upon the faithful believer who withholds his tongue from saying any evil saying. This will be the like of giving alms to himself." No one will be saved from committing sins before he seals his tongue.
54. It is a sort of backbiting to mention your brother's defects that Allah has concealed. It is not problematic to mention his explicit flaws, such as nervousness, hastiness, and the like. Falsehood is to accuse your brother of a character that he does not have.
55. He who describes the right course for people while he takes the other will be the most regretful on the Day of resurrection.
56. Abide by piety, diligence, honesty, and fulfillment of the trusts of the charitable as well as the sinful. If the killer of Ali-bin-Abi Talib (A.S.) deposits with me a trust, I will surely keep it for him.
57. The regard of the relatives purifies the deeds, increases the fortune, refutes the catastrophes, makes the judgment easy, and postpones the death.
58. O people! You ar targets of the death in this world. You will not receive a new day of the age unless after the expiry of another (that takes you near death). Which meal is empty of choking? Which drink is empty of throttling Reform that which you are going to face by means of that which you are leaving behind.
Today is profit while the owner of tomorrow is unknown. People of this world are travelers who open their luggage in other world. The principals that we are their branches fade away. How will the branches remain after their principals?
Where are those whose ages were longer than ours and hopes were greater than ours? Surely will come to you, son of Adam, that which you will not be able to challenge, and were away from you that which you will not be able to regain.
Never regard the incomplete living every pleasure of which approaches you to death and draws you near your expiry. You will soon be the missed beloved and the soulless body. Hence, you should take care of yourself only and leave whatever does not mean you. Seek Allah's help and He will help you.
59. He who does the like of what was done to him is rewarding properly. He who doubles the favor is regarded as thankful, and he who thanks is regarded as generous. He who realizes that the favors that he has done were, first of all, for his good will not expect people's gratitude and will not anticipate their affection to him. Do not expect that the others will thank what you have done for yourself to protect your prestige. You should know that he who asks you for a favor has not honored his face against asking you; therefore, you should honor your face against rejecting him.
60. Allah arranges hardships for the faithful servant like the traveler who arranges presents for his people. Likewise, He protects him against the worldly temptations like physicians who protect their patients.
61. Allah gives this worldly pleasures to whom He likes and whom He dislikes equally; but He gives the religion to whom He likes only.
62. The Shias - adherents - of Ali(A.S.) are surely those who meet the needs of each other for the sake of (their loyalty to) our leadership, love each other for the sake of our cherishment, and exchange visits for the sake of proclaming our affairs. They do not oppress when they are enraged and do not exaggerate when they are pleased. They are blessing for their neighbors and peace for their associates.
63. Laziness injures both the worldly and the religious affairs.
64. Had the beggars realized the reality of beggary, they would not have begged for anything. Had those who do not settle others' needs known the reality of their deed, they would have settled every need.
65. Within the servants of Allah, there are the blessed who live simply and people live in their neighborhood. They are like rainfall for Allah's servants. On the other hand, there are the accursed and inauspicious ones who neither live peacefully nor let people live peacefully. They are like locust for Allah's servants. They ruin everything they meet.
66. Receive people with the best things with which you like to be received. Allah surely hates him who damns very much, vilifies, reviles at the faithful believers, speaks and spreads obscene language, and insists on beggary. Allah likes the chaste, and the seeker of chastity.
67. Allah surely likes exchanging Salaams.

Imam Zainul Abidin's Wording of Admonition and Wisdom

Allah guard you and us against the trickeries of the oppressors, the tyranny of the envious, and the violence of the despots.O believers, do not be misled by the tyrannical rulers and their fellows who are desiring only for the pleasures of this world, tending to it, deceive by its attractions, approaching it as well as its destruction and smashes which will certainly terminate and be ruined in the morrow.
Beware of matters against which Allah has warned you. Abstain from matters from which Allah has ordered you to abstain. Do not copy the inclination of those who regarded this world as a permanent abode.
All that which is in this world is evidence on its lowliness.Its ornamentation, changeability of manners, variableness of conditions, lessons, playing with people-all these are proofs on its lowliness.
It surely exalts the mean and demeans the noble. It will drive some people into Hell. This is an efficient lesson, trial, and warning for the heedful.
The everyday conditions, including the gloomy seditious affairs, the heresies, the consecutive authorities of injustice, the misfortunes, the fear from the rulers, and the incitement of the Shaitan-all these shake the pure intentions of the hearts and stop against the existent right guidance and the recognition of the rightful, except the hearts of those whom Allah the Majestic protects. Surely, no one can realize the changeability and the variableness of the worldly conditions, as well as the result of its harmful sedition, except those whom Allah has protected. They are those who took the very right path and followed the straight way.
They, then sought the aid of abstinence through pondering (over things) and learning lessons from others. So, they abstained form receiving the transitory pleasures of this world, deserted its lusts, desired for the bounty of the life to come, worked hard for obtaining them, watched for death, and refused to live the life with the oppressors. Thus, they looked at this world with eagle eye and keen sight and understood the seditious events, heretic deviation, and ruler's injustice.
By my life I swear, you have been shown sufficent proofs, through the misfortunes that befell the ancient people, on the necessity of avoiding te misleading ones as well as people of heresies, tyranny, and (amiss) commitment of sins on this earth.
Seek Allah's help and return to the obedience to Him and those whose obedience should be preferred to those whom are currently followed and obeyed.
Be thoroughly careful before you suffer regret and sorrow when you will be taken to Allah to stand before him (for maintaining judgment).
By Allah I take the oath, any people who direct to the disobedience to Allah will surely suffer His agony, and any people who prefer the worldly pleasures to the life to come will surely suffer grievous end and ill fate.
The acknowledgment of Allah and the pursuance of the acts of obedience to Him are connected to each other. He whoever acknowledges Allah will fear Him, and whoever fears Allah will be urged acting obediently to Him.
Scholars and their disciples worked hard for the sake of Allah and desired for Him after they had acknowledged Him. In this regard, Allah says: Only Allah's knowledgeable servants fear Him. (Holy Qur'an 35:28)
Do not receive anything from the pleasures of this world through committing an act of disobedience to Allah. Spend your times with performing acts of obedience to Allah, seize the opportunities of this world, and work for matters due to which you will be saved from the agony of Allah. This way will decrease your sins, make your apologies more excusable, and increase your opportunities of salvation.
Precede the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you to your other affairs.
Do not precede the acts of obedience to the tyrannical rulers and the pleasures of this world to the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you.
You should know that you, as well as we, are the servants of Allah, Who prevails us and will be the Only judge tomorrow when He will subjugate you to interrogation. Prepare the answers for that interrogation before it falls and before you are standing ahead of the Lord of the worlds. On that day, no one will speak before obtaining His permisson.
You should also know that Allah will not believe the liars, belie the truthful, reject the excusable apology, or excuse the unjustifiable apology. Allah's is the whole argument against the creatures through His messengers and their successors.
Fear Allah and keep on reforming yourselves, performing acts of obedience to Him and to His representatives. It happens that one feels sorry for his past negligence and omission of Allah's dues and rights. Seek Allah's forgiveness and repent to Him, for He accepts the repentacne, pardons the evildoings, and knows well whatever you do.
Beware of associating with the disobedient (to Allah), supporting the oppressors, and neighboring the sinful. Beware of the seditious affairs of such people and be away from their fields.
You should know that those who oppose the disciples of Allah, opt for a religion other than Allah's, and prerfer their own opinions to the opinions of Allah's disciples (namely the Imams) will be suffering flaming fire (in Hell) that will consume their bodies [from which the souls are absent] and whose hard-heartedness overcame them; [therefore, they are dead as they do not feel the heat of Hell.
Learn lessons, people of sights, and thank Allah for His guiding you. You should know that you cannot move away from the control of Allah's ability to anything else. Allah will watch your actions and you will be gathered before Him. Benefit by the lessons and imitate the ethics of the virtuous ones.

His Wording of Abstinence
Imam Sajjad(A.S.) said: The character of the abstinent from the worldly pleasures and the desirous for the life to come is that they desert every mate and associate and they abandon every friend that does not take their trend. The very wisher for the reward of the life to come is the abstinent from the transitory pleasures of this world, the ready for death, and the hard-working who precede caution before the fall of death and the coming of the inevitable event. Allah the Majestic says: When death approaches on of the unbelievers, he says, 'Lord, send me back again so that perhaps I shall act righteously for the rest of my life.(Holy Qur'an 23:99-100)
You should regard your residence in this world as the residence of that who is returned to it and feeling regret for the past negligence of good doing.
O servants of Allah, you should know that he who anticipates waylaying leaves (laying on) the pillow, refrains from sleeping, and abstains from some food and drink. This is for those who fear a powerful one in this world. Woe to you, son of Adam, how should you behave when you anticipate the waylaying of the powerful Lord, His painful attack, and His ambush for the committers of sins and acts of disobedience to Him, including the strikers of death at night and in day? That is surely the inescapable waylaying from which there is no shelter or getaway.
O believers, imitate the people of conviction and God-fearing in their fear of Allah's waylaying, for Allah says: This is for those who are afraid of Me and of My warning.(Holy Qur'an 14:14)
Beware of the pleasures, deceit, and evils of this world and remember the harm that is originated from inclination to it, for its ornamentation is a trial and the fondness of it is a sin.
Woe is you, son of Adam! The severity of the gluttony, nature of the inclination (to this world), drunkenness of the satiation, deception of authority -all these matters cause laziness and tardiness from acting, make one forget the reference (to Allah), and divert from the imminence of death. Those who are afflicted with the fondness of this world are as same as the mad out of inebriety.
The mindful of Allah, the fearful of Him, and the hard-working for His sake train themselves and accustom to tolerate starvation, so that they will not long for satiation, in the same way as racehorses are trained for competitons.
O servants of Allah, fear Allah like the fearing of those who desire for gaining His rewards and those who shrink from His punishment. Allah has certainly had enough excuses, warned, wrought up, and frightened.Nevertheless, you neither long for the abundant reward of which He has promised and work for it, nor do you fear the painful punishment with which He has threatened and stop. In His Book, He has told you that, "The reward of the righteously striving believers will not be neglected. We are keeping the record of their good deeds. (Holy Qur'an 21:94)
He, the exalted, then cited examples for you in His Book and simplified the evidences so that you may beware of the transitory pleasures of this world. He said: Your property and children are a trial for you, but the reward (which one may receive from Allah) is great. (Holy Qur'an 64:15)
Fear Allah as much as possible, listen, and obey. Fear Allah and learn lessons from the examples that Allah cite.
I am sure that most of you were fagged by the consequences of your acts of disobedience to Allah before you could beware of them. Moreover, they (these acts of disobedience to Allah) injured the religion of most of you before you detest them. You should have heard Allah censuring and belittling them as He says: Know that the worldly life is only a game, a temporary attraction, a means of boastfulness among yourselves and a place for multiplying your wealth and children. It is like the rain, which produces plants that are attractive to the unbelievers. These plants flourish, turn yellow, and then become crushed bits of straw.
In the life hereafter there will be severe torment or forgiveness and mercy from Allah. The worldly life is only an illusion. Compete with one another to achieve forgiveness from your Lord and to reach Paradise, which is as vast as the heavens and the earth, and is prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messenger. This is the blessing of Allah and He grants it to whomever He wants. The blessings of Allah are great. (Holy Qur'an 57:20-1)
Believers, have fear of Allah. A soul must see what is has done for the future. Have fear of Allah for He is All-aware of what you do. Do not be like those who forget about Allah. He will make them forget themselves. These are the sinful people. (Holy Qur'an 59:18-9)
O servants of Allah, fear Allah, ponder over Him, and work for that for which you have been created. Allah has definitely not created you out of play and He will not leave you vainly after He has introduced Himself to you, sent His messengers, and revealed His Book in which He has presented the legal and illegal matters in addition to His arguments and examples.
Fear Allah Who has claimed against you (thoroughly). He said: Have We not given him two eyes, a tongue, and two lips? Have We not shown him the ways of good and evil? (Holy Qur'an 90:8-10)
This is Allah's claim against you. Do your best in the field of fearing Allah as long as all power belongs to Him and all entrustment is to Him.
Allah bless Muhammad(S.A.W.) the prophet and his family.

His Message of Admonition to one of His Companion
Allah save you and us from seditious matters and guard you against the Fire (of Hell) out of His mercy. You have been enjoying a state due to which it is serving for anyone who knows you to show compassion to you. You have been overburdened with the graces of Allah who has given you a good physical health and a long age. Furthermore, He has constituted His claims against you when He charged you with the responsibility of His Book, made you understand His religion, introduced to you the traditions of His Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.). He has also imposed upon you a responsibility in every favor that He has done to you and every claim that He has instituted against you. He has tested your gratitude in every matter that He has done to you and every grace through which He has shown His favors to you. He says: If you give thanks, I shall give you greater (Favors), but if you show ingratitude, know that My retribution is severe. (Holy Qur'an 14:7)
Consider to which party you will be added when you will (inevitably) stand before Allah who will ask you about His graces; how you acted upon them, and about His claims; how you treated them. Never think that Allah will accept your unjustifiable excuses or will be satisfied with your negligence. Too far is that! Too far is that! It is definitely not in that manner.
Allah has ordered the scholars (to show the course to people and not to hide any part of it) in His Book.
You should know that the least of concealing knowledge and the lightest burden is to entertain the estrangement of an unjust person and pave the way of seduction to him through responding to him when he sought your nearness and called upon you. I am too afraid that you will acknowledge your sins with the betrayers tomorrow and will be asked about whatever you have gotten due to your supporting the unjust in oppression, since you have taken the gift that was not yours, you have been close to him who did not give back anyone's right, you have not rejected a wrongdoing when he approached you, and you have responded to him who antagonized Allah.
As the unjust ones invited you, they made you the axis of the hand-mill of their wrongdoings, the bridge on which they cross to their misfortunes, and the stairs to their deviation. You have been the propagandist of their temptation when you took their courses.
They have employed you as the means through which they aroused doubts against the scholars and dragged the hearts of the ignorant to them. The best one in their government and the most powerful of them could not achieve success like that which you have attained through showing their corrupt affairs as honest and attracting the attentions of the celebrities as well as the ordinary people to you.
If you compare what you have done to them with what they have given to you, you will find it too little. Likewise, they have built for you very trivial thing while they ruined your great things.
Look in yourself, for no one will look in you except you yourself, and maintain judgment with yourself as if you are the judge.
Look into your gratitude to Him Who nourished you with His graces when you were little and when you became old. I am too afraid you will be one of those about whom Allah says in His Book: Their descendants who inherited the Book gained (by bribery only) worthless things from the worldly life saying, "We shall be forgiven (for what we have done). (Holy Qur'an 7:169)
You are not living in a permanent abode; you are in a temporary house that you will leave soon. How does a man stay after the departure of his matches? Blessed be those who are fearful of this world. How miserable those who die and leave their sins after them are!
Beware; you have been told. Take the initiative; you have been respited. You are dealing with Him Who is never ignorant. He who counts your deeds is never remiss. Supply yourself (with the necessary provisions); the long journey is approaching you. Correct your guilt; it has been inflicted by a cureless malady.
Do not think that I wanted only to censure, reproach, and dishonor you. I only wanted Allah to revive the opinions that you have missed and give you back your religious affairs that you have lost. This is because I remembered Allah's saying: Keep on reminding them. This benefits the believers. (Holy Qur'an 51:55)
You neglected the reference to your old men and friends who passed away while you remained after them like a hornless sheep.
See whether they had suffered what you suffered or faced what you faced. Had they neglected a good-deed that you did or had they been unaware of something that you retained?
The only difference between you and them is that you have occupied a distinctive standing in people's minds that they have been pursuing your opinious and carrying out your orders. They deem lawful anything that you deem lawful and deem unlawful anything that you deem unlawful. You are not fit enough for so. It is, in fact, The departure of ther scholars, the prevalence of ignorance upon them and you, the foundness of leadership, and the seeking of the worldly pleasures that they, as well as you, enjoy- these matters made them overcome you through their desire to gain what you have obtained. They therefore have drowned in a bottomless ocean and an immeasurable misfortune.
Allah give you and us. He is the One Whose help is sought.
So then, leave all that in which you are engaged so that you may catch up with the virtuous ones whom were buried with their tatters while their bellies were stuck to their backs. No screen was put between Allah and them. The worldly pleasures could not charm them and they paid no attention to them (such pleasures). They longed for (Allah), sought (Him), and soon caught up (with Him).
If this world makes you in such a manner, while you are attaining such an age, enjoying such a deep-rooted knowledge, and being so near of death, how can then a juvenile be saved (against the worldly pleasures), while he is ignorant, weak-minded, and brainless?
We are Allah's and to Him we will return.
Upon whom should we depend? Whom should we blame?
We should only complain about our grief and what we are suffering to Allah. We only charge our misfortune about you to Allah's account.
Look into your gratitude to Him Who nourished you with His graces when you were little and when you became old, your magnifying Him Who makes you handsome among people through His religion, your preserving the dress of Him Who covered you up among people through His dress, and your closeness or remoteness from Him Who ordered you to come near and be modest to Him.
Why do you not wake up from your slumber and reform yourself after your stumble? You should have said: By Allah I swear, I have not done any act for the sake of Allah and for stimulating one of the rites of His religion or terminating one of the wrong customs.
Do you show gratitude to Him Who settled all your needs in this way?
I am too afraid you are one of those about whom Allah the Exalted says: (They) neglected their prayers and followed their worldly desires. They will certainly be lost. (Holy Qur'an 19:95)
Allah has ordered you to carry His Book and deposited His knowledge with you, but you have wasted them both. We thank Allah Who has saved us from that with which He has inflicted you.


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