Imam Ali's Biography


All the human beings experience ups and downs and face different problems in life The individuals , usually get weak and unable when facing a problem and try with the aid and guide of the experts to save themselves from the trouble;And by finding the "examples" in any field , and then following them , perform their duties in the best way as to solve their problems and relieve their pains. One of these examples is the honoured prophet (A.S) whom the holy koran has described (indentified) as such.

Other than the messenger of God (A.S) , if we look for another example and replacement for his holiness we would find a great example as the (leader of the) pious his holiness Imam Ali (A.S). Morals and behaviour, to go through his holiness ups and downs, and amazementsof life .

Manner of birth:

His holiness Ali (A.S) is the first child in the family of Bani-Hashem whose both parents are children of Hashem. His father Abu-Taleb is the son of Abdul-Mottaleb the son of Hashem bin Abd-Manaf and his mother is fatemah the daughter of Asad who is the son of Hashem bin abd-manaf. The Hashemi family in the tribe of Qoraish is well-known (famous) for its moral virtues and high (supreme) humanistic characteristics among the Arab tribes.

Magnanimity, generosity, courage and so many other virtues are characteristics of Bani-hashem.Moreover, each of these virtues at its highest degree exist in his holiness Ali's (A.S) existence. Fatemah, the daughter of Asad went to the holy mosque when labour pain and came close to the wall of Kabaa and said : O God, I have firm faith in you,the prophets and the books sent by you and also the speech of my grand father the builder of this house . O God, in consideration to the respect of the one who built this house and for the sake of the child in my womb make the birth of this child easy. An instant later, in front of the eyes of Abbass bin Abdul-Mottaleb and Yazeed bin Taaf the south east wall of Kabaa cracked and Fatemah entered the Kabaa; the wall closed again.

She was the guest of God for three days in the holiest place in the universe and their she gave birth to her child. Three days after the thirteenth of Rajab, thirty years passed the year of the Elephat;Fatemah , the daughter of Asad, came out of the same cleavage in wall which opened again and said: I heared a message from the unsean to call him Ali.

Period of childhood:

His holiness Ali stayed with his parents. Since it was God's well for him to gain more perfection, therefore, the honoured prophet from the beginning of his birth took care of his indirect education.

Untill an unsual famine occurred in Mecca.Abu-Taleb the uncle of the prophet having many children faced a heavy living expense. The honoured prophet (A.S) with the consultation of his uncle Abbass,came to agreement that each one of them take one of the children of Abu-Taleb with him as to make a relief for Abu-Taleb. Therefore Abbass took Jaffar and the prophet (A.S) took Ali (A.S) to his house.

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