IMAM ALI (A.S.) (Biography)

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S) was born on 13th of Rajab of the 30th year of Elephant (A.D) Prophet of Allah was then 30 year old, his mother Fatma binte Asad, father Abi Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib both of the clans of Hashim.

Imam Ali was born inside the Kaaba in Makkah, Masoodi, the herodotous of the Arabs, writes on page 76 of Volume II of his book, Murooj-udh-Dahab (Golden Meadows), that one of the greatest distinction that Ali (A.S.) enjoyed was that he was born in the House of Allah.

Among the modern Historians, Abbas Mahmood al Akkad of Egypt writes in his book Al-'Abqarriet al-Imam Ali, (Cairo,1970), that Ali ibn Abu Talib was born inside the Kaaba. Another contemporary historian, Mahmood Saeed al-Tantawi, of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Arab Republic of Egypt, writes on page 186 of his book, Min Fada-il al Ashrat al-Mubashireen bil Janna (1976) observes :

"May God has mercy upon Ali ibn Abu Talib. He was born in Kaaba. He witnessed the rise of Islam; he witnessed the Dawa of Mohammad, and he was a witness of the Wahi (Revelation of Al-Quran al Majid). He immediately accepted Islam even though he was still a child, and he fought all his life so that the Word of Allah would  be supreme"

"It was a custom of the Arabs that when a child was born, he was placed at the feet of the tribal idol or idols, thus symbolically  “dedicating“ him to the pagan diety. All Arab children were “dedicated” to the idols except Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S.). When other Arab children were born, some idolator came to greet them and to take them in his arm. But when Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S.) was born, Mohammad (SAW), the future messenger of God, came into the precincts of the Kaaba to greet him. He took the infant  into his arms, and dedicated him into the service of Allah. The future Prophet must have known that infant in his arms was some day going to be nemesis of all idolates and of their gods and godesses. When Ali (A.S.) grew up, he extirpated idolatory and ploytheism from Arabia with his sword. Birth is Kaaba was one out of many distinctions that God bestowed upon Ali (A.S.) . Another distinction that he enjoyed was that he never adored the idols. This again makes him unique since all Arabs worshipped idols for years and years before they abjured idolatory and accepted Islam. It is for this reason that he is called  “he whose face was honoured by Allah”. His face was indeed honoured by Allah as it was the only face that never bowed before any idol”. Syed Asghar Ali Razwy; pp.32-33.

When Ali (A.S.)  was five years old, Mohammad (SAW) adopted him, and from that moment they never to depart with each other.

Mohammad (SAW) and Khadijah (p.b.u.h) adopted Ali (A.S.) adopted Ali (A.S.)  after the death of their own sons. Ali (A.S) thus filled a void in their lives. But Mohammad (SAW), the future Prophet, also had another reason for adopting Ali (A.S). He picked him to bring up, to educate him, and to groom him for the great detiny that awaited him in the times to come. Dr. Taha Hussain of Egypt says that the Messenger of God himself became Ali's guide, teacher and instructor, and this is one more distinction that he enjoys, and which no one else shares with him Ali (A.S). Razwy Ibid. pp. 33-34.

“Similarly, it may be said that of all the friends and companions of Mohammad (SAW), the Prophet of  Islam,  Ali (A.S.) is the only one who grew up in the full light of history. There is no part of his life, whether it is his infancy, childhood, youth, manhood, or maturity, that is hidden from the spotlight of history. He was the cynosure of all eyes from his birth to his death. On the other hand, the rest of companions of the Prophet come to the attention of the students of history only after they accepted Islam,  and little, if any thing, is known about them until then". Ibid. p. 34


It is related from Ja'far b.Sulayman al-Dabi, on the authority of al-Mullaa b. Ziyad, who said :

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