A brief look at the Life of Imam Hussain (a.s)

Time after time he explained his right (to authority) to those who were ignorant of it until followers gathered around him.

Then he, peace be on him, urged (them) to take up the struggle (jihad) and prepared for battle.

Then with his children and the people of his house (ahl baytihi), he set out from the sanctury of God (Mecca) and the sanctury of his Apostle (Medina) towards Iraq because of the help that was sought from him by the members of his Shia who had urged him (to come) against the enemies.

His paternal cousin, Muslim b. Aqil, may God be pleased with him, had preceded him and had satisfied him of the (sincerity of their) call to God and of (their) pledge of allegiance to him to take part in the struggle. For the people of Kufa had pledged their allegiance to him (Muslim) to (do) that, and had promised (to do) it and had guaranteed help and advice to him and had given their trust and contract to him.

However it was not long before they broke their pledge, deserted him and handed him over. Then he was killed in their midst without them (trying) to stop it.

(Furthermore) they went out to (make) war against al-Husayn. They besieged him, peace be on him, prevented him from returning to God's land (i.e. Mecca) and they used force against him in such a way that he could find no one to help him, and no place of refuge from them.

They prevented him from getting water from the Euphrates so that they might gain power over him. Then they killed him. He, peace be on him, died, (a man desperately) thirsty, yet still striving and showing fortitude, (a man) forced to be detained, (a man) oppressed. The pledge of allegiance to him was revoked. The respect due to him was ignored. The covenant to him was not fulfilled nor the responsibility of the agreement made with him honoured. (He died) a martyr as his father and brother, peace be on them, had done before him.

A Sample of the Outstanding Virtues of al-Husayn b. 'Ali Peace be on Him, the Merit in Visiting (His Grave) and Mention of His Tragedy [Said b.

Rashid reported on the authority of Yala b. Murra, who said:] I heard the Apostle of God, may God bless him and his family, say: Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn.

God loves whoever loves him. Husayn is indeed an (outstanding) grandson among grandsons.

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