Imām Sajjād(a)


Imām Sajjād(a)

‘Alī Ibn Husayn Ibn ‘Alī Ibn Abī Tālib, known as Sadjdjād, the fourth Shi‘ites Imām, was as maintained in one narration born in 38A.H. and poisoned by Walīd Ibn ‘Abd al-Malik in 94 A.H.

[1] If the narrated date of birth be true, Imām should have evidently perceived both Imām ‘Alī and Imām Mudjtabā as well as Imām Husayn (a) and realized how Mu‘āwiya had been exercising pressure on the Shi‘ite Muslims living in Iraq and other lands. In the light of the reports narrated from the event of Taff (Karbalā) a number of writers concluded that Imām’s age must have been less than what reported ands his year of birth had been 48. Such reports forebode that following Imām Husayn’s martyrdom some were determined to assassinate Imām Sadjdjād (a) also, but they were impeded due to his immaturity.

Humayd Ibn Muslim, present in Karbalā, said, “When Shimr came to kill Imām Sadjdjād, I dissuaded him saying he was a little boy”.


Found in another version when ‘Ubayd Allāh decided to murder Imām Sadjdjād (a), he commanded to examine the signs of his maturity. After they attested to it, he issued the verdict of his murder. Notwithstanding, Imām managed to change his mind by saying him “If you claim that you are from among the Prophte’s kins (as Abū Sufyān’s grandson), you are obliged to let a man accompany these women to Medina”.


It is also quoted that Zaynab (a) averted Imām Sadjdjād’s murder saying “kill me first if you want to kill him”.

[4] Enumerating the Umayya atrocities, Djāhi¨ has alluded to their irreverence about Imām Sadjdjād (a) by checking the signs of his maturity after the event of Karbalā.

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