Imam jawad (PBUH)

Son of the prophet Mohammad

Imam Muhammad Taqi (PBUH) the 9th infallible successor to the Prophet Muhammad was born in Medina.

His Mother, '' Sabika '' (Reyhane) was one of the most pious of women. Imam Muhammad al-jawad was brought up by his Holy father Imam Reza for four years. Under the force of circumstances Imam Reza had to migrate formMedina to khurasan (Iran), leaving his young son behind him. The Imam was fully aware of the treacherous character of the ruling king and was sure that he would return to Medina no more. So before his departure fromMedina he declared his son Muhammad al-Javad as his successor, and imparted to him all his stores of divine knowledge and spiritual genius.After the martyrdom of his father, Imam Reza (PBUH), in Khorasan, the mantle of divine leadership fell on the young shoulders of Imam Muhammad Taqi (PBUH).
He was very popular, and because of his generosity he was known as Javad or the Generous.
During his period of Imamate, Islam had spread over a vast area, bringing people of different ideologies and different creeds in its fold. This led to debates and dialogues between Islamic and non-Islamic thinkers, and Imam Javad (PBUH) played a leading and effective role in this regard. At every opportunity, he enlightened people with divine teachings of Islam.


Imam Reza was poisoned on 17th safari 203 AH and with effect from the same date Imam Muhammad al-Javad was commissioned by Allah to hold the responsibility of Imamate. At the tender age of eight there was no apparent chance or means of the young Imam reaching great heights of knowledge and practical achievements. But later, for days he is known not only to have debated with his contemporary scholars on subjects pertaining to Fiqh ( Islamic jurisprudence), Hadith (tradition), Tafsir (Quranic exegesis), etc. and outwitted them, but also to exhort their admiration and acknowledgment of his learning and superiority. Right from then the world realized that he possessed divine knowledge and that the knowledge commanded by the Holy Imam was not acquired, but granted by Allah.

Literary Attainments and excellence:

The span of the life of Imam Muhammad al-Javad was shorter than that of his predecessors as well as his successors. He became Imam at the age of eight. And was poisoned at the age of twenty - five; yet his literary attainments were many and his commanded great respect and esteem. The Holy Imam al-Javad was the symbol of Prophet Muhammad's affability and Imam Ali's attainments. His hereditary qualities comprised of gallantry, boldness, charity, learning, forgiveness and tolerance, The brightest and most outstanding phases of his nature and character were to show hospitality and courtesy to all without discrimination, to help the needy; to observe equality under all circumstances, to live a simple life; to help the orphans, the poor and the homeless; to impart learning to those interested in the acquisition of knowledge and guide the people to the right path.

Migration to Iraq:

For the consolidation of his empire, it was realized by al-Ma'mun, the Abbasid king, that it was necessary to win the sympathy and support of the Iranians who had always been friendly to the Ahlul-Bayt. consequently, al-Ma'mun was forced , from a political point of view , to establish contacts with the tribe of Banu Fatimah at the expense of the ties with Banu Abbas and thereby win the favour of the shiite. Accordingly, he declared Imam Reza as his heir even against the Imam's will and got his sister umm Habibah married to him. al-Ma'mun expected that Imam Reza would lend his support in political affairs of the state. But when he discovered that the Imam was little interested in political matter and that the masses were more and more submitting them to him due to his spiritual greatness, he got him poisoned.

Yet the exigency which directed him to nominate Imam Reza as his heir and successor still continued. Hence he desired to marry his daughter ummau` l-fadl to Muhammad al-Javad, the son of Imam Reza and with this object in view, he summoned the Imam from Medina to Iraq.

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