Imam Imam Askari (A.S)

Name - Hasan

Title - Al-Askari

Kunyat - Abu Muhammad

Born - Monday 8th of Rabi-ul-Akhar 232 A.H. , at Medina

Father's Name - Ali ibn Muhammad

Mother's Name - Saleel

Died - At the age of 28 years, at Samarra, on Friday 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal 260 AH. Poisoned by Mo'tamad the Abbaside Caliph

Buried - at Samarra, Baghdad.


When he was born his father said that it was an order from the prophet s.a.w. that he should be named Hasan. It was so well known that the last Imams father would be called Hasan that people had previously looked for the 12th Imam amongst the sons of Imam Hasan Al-Mujtaba (a.s.)

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