Imam Imam Askari (A.S)

In the six years of his Imamate several attempts were made on his life. On the 1st of Rabi-ul Awwal 260 a.h. Mo'tamad arranged for Imam to be poisoned in prison and then sent him home. Imam was in great pain and difficulty for 8 days. On the 8th of Rabi-ul Awwal he asked his son, the 12th Imam, to bring him some water and then leave him. He died that day and was given ghusl & kafan by his son, the 12th Imam.

The funeral prayers were led by the 12th Imam and it was then that a lot of Shia's saw him for the first time. A large number of people attended the funeral and he is buried in Samarra.

The 11th Imam was once asked of the signs of a mo'min (believer).He listed the following signs.

He is one prays 51 rakaats of salaa daily.

He prostates on Khake Shafaa.

He wears rings on his right hand.

He repeats the verses of Azhan & Ikama.

He recites "Bismillah" loudly in Salaa.

He prays his Fajr Salaa before the stars disappear and his Dhuhr prayers before the sun starts to decline.

He recite Qunoot in Salaa.

He dyes his hair and beard.

He recites 5 takbirs in Salatul Mayyit.

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